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2019 Fright Film Competition Official Rules


The goal of this competition is to make just one type of film. HORROR! All submitted films must fit the horror genre. Mixed genres (Horror/comedy, Horror/SCI-FI, etc) will be accepted. Films that do not fit the horror genre will be disqualified from all awards, but will show at the screening event.

Required elements:

These additional elements MUST appear in the film.

Prop:  A rope.  The rope should be used by one of your characters for any purpose.

Shot:  A POV Shot.  At least once in your film, we should see a Point of View (POV) shot.

Line:  A line (quote) from a classic horror film.  They should be recognizable lines.  In your credits, please include the actual quote, the title of the horror film and the year it was produced. 


Films must be no longer than 13 minutes including opening/closing credits. There is no minimum length.

All films must end with the Fright Film Competition graphic that will be provided.

Time Period:

The filmmaking period starts on August 13, 2019 at 7pm and lasts until midnight on Sunday, October 13th.

Film Production:

All production of the film must take place during the contest period listed above. This includes casting, rehearsal, set design, shooting, editing, animation, FX creation, etc) Pre-production may occur outside of the official time period. This includes Script-writing, script timing, script breakdowns, location scouting, etc) NO FOOTAGE MAY BE RECORDED OUTSIDE OF THE SCHEDULED COMPETITION TIME PERIOD.

Pre-recorded elements:

Certain pre-recorded elements may be used in the final film if the producers have proper permission.

-Music or sound FX libraries

-Special FX shots 

-Company logo animations

-Still photos used as props or graphics

Film Format:

The film must be submitted as a 1920X1080, 24 fps, MP4/MOV file using the H.264 codec.


Films must be uploaded to your online server and a link must be sent to by midnight on Friday, October 13th. 

Late films:

Films submitted after the deadline will be screened at the viewing event but will not be eligible for awards.

The following awards may be given:

Best Film
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Editing
Best Original Music
Best Makeup/Wardrobe

Audience Choice

2020 Fright Film Competition Rules-coming August 2020!