who is behind the curtain?

Jim Timmerman


Jim Timmerman's been working in television production a long time. Let's just say... before you were born and leave it at that. While it's hard to believe he's that old, the one thing Jim will tell you is that age can't change his love of scary movies. He's always been a fan of movies that frighten the viewer, especially when the director doesn't show you what's scary (you know, glimpses of things in the frame, sound effects, dramatic lighting, just the right kind of music).

Jim's television/video production career started at WLIO-TV in Lima, Ohio. Then he went to WBGU-TV in Bowling Green, Ohio; followed by twenty five years at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. Since leaving Channel 9, he's created his own small production company that specializes in non-profit clients and he's part owner in a mobile uplink truck company. 

He's lectured at all the local universities, taught at Brown Mackie College (where he met the other FFC partners)and Miami University. Jim has also been an integral member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since, well you know,...a long time.

Jeff Winkelman


Jeff got his start in film making when he picked up his parents' 8mm  camera and shot videos for school projects so he could avoid standing up  and presenting in front of the class. He then became a teacher.  Jeff  has a love of film making and has been teaching his skills to young film  makers since 2001.  He enjoys mentoring students and telling them all  the ways he has screwed up in the past so they won't make the same  mistakes.  

He has worked on more than 30 short films and produced "Magic  Trip,"  the winner of the 2018 48 Hour Film Project - Cincinnati.   

Jeff's really excels as a video editor.  He was an Avid Master Editor,  knows his way around almost any editing program, and loves nothing more  than being presented with a project that tests his skills.  It is well  know that Jeff's least favorite saying is "fix it in post" but as an  editor, he always loves a good challenge!  When Jeff isn't in the  classroom or working on a short film, he does a variety of freelance  work for a number of clients including The Cincinnati Reds, PG, UC, CVG,  and Toyota.  And... You should know that his favorite movie of all time  is Airplane!

Bill Anderson


A man with many hats, William Anderson has wrote, produced, directed, photographed and edited in film television and video for over three decades. He was the associate producer and production manager on several independent features including Rod Whitaker’s Stasis. He has worked for a diverse set of clients from editing John Hannah’s demo reel; shooting stock car races for ABC Wide World of Sports; location scouting for films like Logan’s Run; editing PSA’s for the Revlon Run/Walk; filming the 1976 Democratic National Convention; to directing industrial films, documentaries and commercials. 

A graduate of the University of Texas in Film Production, Anderson has continued his education with courses such as the UCLA Division of Extension’s Production Management and seminars in the use of Movie Magic programs like Budgeting and Scheduling. His work has been honored in diverse festivals such as The New York Film and Television Festivals, Ohio State Award, American Legion Freedom Council, and the USA Film Festival.