Frightfilm Competition 2019

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(October 27, 2019, Cincinnati, Ohio)-

Headline: Winners Announced at the Frightfilm 2019 Competition Premiere and Awards.

The winners of the inaugural Frightfilm Competition have been announced at a ceremony hosted by Michael Flannery at the historic Woodward Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio on Sunday October 27, 2019.

The awards ceremony held immediately following the premiere of all twelve films was attended by a sold out audience. In addition to awards in various outstanding film categories, best costume awards were presented to individuals attending the event.

“We couldn’t be more pleased by the judges selections. They had a very difficult job.” Said Frightfilm co-founder Bill Anderson. He went on to say, “I’m kinda glad it was them and not me”. Nineteen industry professionals served as judges in twelve different categories.

“In addition to presenting the Skelly award to the filmmakers in traditional categories, our audience got to serve as judges as well”. Jim Timmerman, co-founder went on to say, “It was great fun to have our audience also select their favorite films”. The Skelly statuette is the award presented by Frightfilm for outstanding achievement in horror short film-making.

Jeff Winkelman, co-founder summed up the event saying, “Everyone tonight should feel great about their Frightfilm picture. They created a thirteen minute horror film in less than two months. That takes a lot of dedication, attention to detail and creativity. Our filmmakers are true professionals.”

2019 nominees and winners


The complete list of Frightfilm 2019 nominees and winners.

Make-up & Wardrobe 


Liza Haney & Nathan Mirshall, “The Wondrous, Somewhat Woeful, Life of Jean Jackobo” 

Rae’ven Cheyenne Reed, “The Water Within”

Elizabeth DeFelice, “Good Works”.

Winner: Elizabeth DeFelice, “Good Works”.

Sound Design


Jack Miller, “The Water Within”

Jesse Merlin Williams, “Darkness Awakens”

Silas Sheperd & Raphael Boyce, “Precognition”

Winner: Jack Miller, “The Water Within”



Christian Nicholson, “My Murderer, Me”

Jason Orr, “Good Works”

Darius Dudley, “The Wondrous, Somewhat Woeful, Life of Jean Jakabo”

Winner: Jason Orr, “Good Works”

Original Music


Shawn Boosveld, “The Water Within”

Fyodor Novonty, “Good Works”

Midnite Syndicate, “The Hanging Joke”

Winner: Shawn Boosveld, “The Water Within”

Supporting Actor


Jasmin Demane Walker, “Still Awake”

Bob Speed, “Still Awake”

Scott Fox, “Darkness Awakens”

Winner: Scott Fox, “Darkness Awakens”

Supporting Actress


Calloway Denton, “The Water Within”

Angelia Green, “Good Works”

Journi Miles, “Still Awake”

Winner: Calloway Denton, “The Water Within”



Chris Wagner, “Cradle to Hold Me”

Sean Anthony, “Soman”

Paul Morris, “My Murderer, Me”

Winner: Paul Morris, “My Murderer, Me”



Trinity Hamm, “The Wondrous, Somewhat Woeful, Life of Jean Jakobo”

Brielle Fitzgerald, “The Water Within”

Stella Ryan, “Good Works”

Winner: Brielle Fitzgerald, “The Water Within”



Adam S. Depew, “The Water Within”

Adam Kurtz, “Good Works”

Christian Appleby, “My Murderer, Me”

Jack Bolander, “The Wondrous, Somewhat Woeful Life of Jean Jakobo”

Winner: Adam S. Depew, “The Water Within”



DJ Remark, “Good Works”

Jack Miller, “The Water Within”

Morgan Chamberlain, “The Wondrous, Somewhat Woeful, Life of Jean Jakobo”

Winner: DJ Remark, “Good Works”



Christian Appleby, “My Murderer, Me”

DJ Remark, “Good Works”

Michaela Miller, “The Water Within”

Winner: Michaela Miller, “The Water Within”

Audience Favorite-Group A

Team B-Positive, “My Murderer, Me”

Audience Favorite-Group B

Focal Point Productions, “The Water Within”

Best Picture


Focal Point Productions, “The Water Within”

Blood Scribe Creations, “Good Works”

B-Positive, “My Murderer, Me”

Winner: Focal Point Productions, “The Water Within”

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We had a blast!